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OLD What now?

Veronica Eissa

December 8, 2008

Nov. 4 is the day. After the controversial debates, battled endorsements, tough arguments and crude advertising the battle to become our next president will begin to settle Nov. 4. Campaigns attempt the most to expose the presidential nominee's leadership ability and their party's game plan, but during all this, it feels more like holding your breath until the elections are...

Dia los Muertos

Sofia Cancino

December 8, 2008

It was more then 500 years ago when the Spanish Conquistadors first explored Mexico. The year was around 1519. This is the year that the conquistadors came across the native Aztecs performing an estranged ritual that looked as if the natives were mocking death instead of showing respect to it. This ritual was later copied by the conquistadors, though their attempts were sour....


Tom Andrew

December 8, 2008

City College has the good fortune of having its own radio station right here on campus with many great upcoming events that everyone can enjoy by either tuning in to Jazz 88.3 or by attending any one of the many scheduled concerts over the next few months. For those of you who may not know this, Jazz 88.3 not only plays great jazz, but it also is a great resource for those...

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