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D.A. to meet with Gonzalez family

Ryan Johnson

October 25, 2010

San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis said on Oct. 20 that she plans on personally meeting and speaking with the family of slain City College student Diana Gonzalez, 19. Dumanis has been under fire since Gonzalez's slaying for not stating why multiple charges were not filed against Gonzalez's estranged husband, Armando Gabriel Perez, 37. Gonzalez had reported to San...

‘Pretend Time’ with Swardson

Haley Manbeck

October 25, 2010

You've probably seen him on roller skates soliciting sex in "Reno 911" or maybe in "Grandma's Boy" as a gloriously stereotyped nerdy game designer still living with his parents. You may also have even seen him in Almost Famous as an ecstatic David Bowie fan. In any case, Nick Swardson has probably made you laugh until you cried and now he has his own show. Swardson first...

Anthology of parenthood attracts audience

Angella d'Avignon

October 25, 2010

City College professor and managing editor of City Works Press Kelly Mayhew, along with co-editor Alys Masek, debuted their anthology about the nuances of parenthood, "Mamas and Papas: On the Sublime and Heartbreaking Art of Parenting" at City College's annual International Book Fair on Oct. 9. A crowd filled the Saville Theatre to hear selections from eight different authors....

Undead rise to screen

Manbeck, Haley

October 25, 2010

"The Walking Dead" comic book released by Image Comics seven years ago, written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard, goes where most zombie stories are afraid to go--long term survival. Now that Kirkman has recently released the 75th issue, it seems he is doing just that and succeeding. This Eisner Award winning comic series follows Rick Grimes, a sheriff from...

Students possibly enrolling to get aid

Mark Rivera

October 25, 2010

Nearly $6,000 is available to low income students through financial aid Pell Grants. With this much money available to students enrolled in at least 12 units each semester, there is a concern that some students may enroll in classes only to receive the financial aid award. "It's a concern of (the financial aid department)," City College Financial Aid Director Greg Sanchez...

A Sexy Costume?

Manbeck, Haley

October 25, 2010

Halloween is approaching which means little kids will be running down the street looking for candy, Spirit stores are cropping up everywhere and girls of every shape and size will be showing up to parties in essentially their underwear. It is the one time of year where it is acceptable for these girls to show up in stripper attire to any party or even walking down the street....

A song for students

Katrina Cameron

October 25, 2010

The cast and crew of the upcoming San Diego City College musical "Songs for a New World" have been conducting their final rehearsals prior to their opening night Oct. 29. They will feature the avant-garde musical in the Saville Theatre through Nov. 14. Although the musical originally calls for four actors, co-director June Richards decided to add an ensemble of about 20. "It's...


Stephen Boyd-Morales

October 25, 2010

Every October we celebrate the Halloween holiday. Children find costumes of their favorite character. Some become ninjas, some monsters, some become pretty-pretty princesses, and some dress as witches. Their parents take them out for a night on the town. The goal is to get as much candy as you can. But how did we begin this tradition? Well, as with most things, our fun traditions...

E-Textbooks are cheaper and becoming more available

Fernando Yates

October 25, 2010

The City Bookstore offers electronic versions for most textbooks each semester, usually at the fraction of the price of printed copies. Each semester instructors submit their book lists to the bookstore, and according to the bookstore staff, the number of e-textbooks requested is increasing. While printed books are still selling in higher quantities, e-textbooks are starting...


June Cressy

October 25, 2010

Diana A young bud with sprout Too soon violently trampled In our family garden, A promise broken; Leaving us to wonder What might have bloomed; Mourning the missing fragrance And colors that would have Shone vibrant and proud In their own way Had not the darkness come, Consoled in knowing that what Makes beauty is the Fleeting moment we share. -June Cressy, read at vigil...

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