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No skateboarding on campus

Chris Rice

October 30, 2006

By CHRIS RICE City Times It takes the right set of eyes to see it, but look closely enough and the evidence is there. Someone is breaking the law on campus. Code 84.12 (e) to be exact. Despite the efforts of San Diego Community College District to prevent it by the installation of skate stoppers on curbs and handrails, there is still plenty of proof that this activity is...


Luis Bahena

October 30, 2006

In the Sept. 26, 2006, edition of City Times, a photo spread of pictures in the City Focus section was mistakenly identified as dance auditions for the upcoming "Grease" production. The photos were supposed to be labeled as the auditions for the Fall Dance Concert. City Times regrets the error. It is the policy of City Times to clarify content or correct errors. Send them...

Chancellor champions Proposition N

Scott Landheer

October 30, 2006

By SCOTT LANDHEER City Times The fate of Proposition N, the $870 million bond measure for improvements in the district, will be decided Nov. 7 when voters take to the polls in San Diego County. Chancellor Constance M. Carroll is hopeful the measure will pass. "Proposition N will provide significant improvements to benefit the students of City College and throughout the district,"...

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