City College construction continues

Allison Browne

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City College recently completed the construction of the new Math and Social Sciences building.

Tom Fine, campus project manager, said, “It was a really smooth process. It was the first [building] that went through with a design-build process.”

Design-build means instead of the building being designed, then bid on by construction teams, it was built by the same team that designed it. Fine said this led to a smoother construction process.

The next project to be completed will be a new science building, which is expected to be completed in August. It will be open in time for the spring 2014 semester, after which the classes held in the M building will be moved over to the new building.

The Arts/Humanities and Business Technology buildings are to be finished around November and also opened in time for the spring semester.

The majority of programs currently hosted in the C building will be moved into the Arts/Humanities building. The building will contain 40 handicapped parking spots and connect to Curran Plaza by a walkway.

After those buildings are completed, the next projects will be the renovation of the C and M buildings, followed by the renovation of the D, A, and T buildings.

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