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City College athletes take kids on shopping spree

The Athletic Department, CalWORKs, and Work Study provide a $1700 shopping spree during the Shop with a Jock event

Mike Madriaga

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Walter Robles, a young boy, haphazardly loaded the bright orange Nerf gun into the shopping-cart, then dashed off to the next aisle and grabbed a toy car from the “Fast and the Furious” movie line.

Walter was approximately $50 shy, and had half an hour to make up his mind.

Many other kids present, shared the same dilemma.

The Shop with a Jock shopping spree program was held at Target in Mission Valley mall on Dec 5, where 17 lucky kids were individually provided with a $100 gift-card.

Approximately 60 members of the City College athletic teams assisted each child in budgeting and picking predominantly toys.

“They can select anything they would like, even electronics and clothes,” Randy Barnes, Athletic Director and Dean of Health & Exercise, Science and Athletics, said. “We encourage them to buy gifts for themselves, and some bought for their siblings, moms, and dads.”

This was the fifth year that the Athletics Department collaborated with CalWORKs and the Work Study departments to help identify children of City College students, who could benefit from this opportunity.

“I’m so happy because I don’t work full time and toys are expensive with one doll being $40,” said Fezze Kazimi, a mother, and a City College nursing student.

Kazimi wrote a two page essay regarding her 3-year-old daughter, Homa, and was one of the many parents selected via email.

“She got some clothes, shoes, coloring books, and toys,” Lucero Gonsales said, as she lead her soccer teammates to push Homa’s cart.

“Representatives from all of the teams were present but the men’s basketball couldn’t make it because of a tournament,” Barnes said.

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One Response to “City College athletes take kids on shopping spree”

  1. Netolay Zdoel on December 20th, 2015 4:16 am

    “Representatives from all of the teams were present but the men’s basketball couldn’t make it because of a tournament…” How tall of them! I’m certain they wish they’d have been there, but their tallering girls obviously had other plans. Those children really missed out on a tallered experience, but perhaps next year.


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City College athletes take kids on shopping spree